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Overview of Business Support Options

We understand that most of our Business customers are not interested in the amount of ram in a server or how big the hard disk is, the only thing that counts is a fast working system and minimal down time.
In order to meet these expectations we offer the following levels of support:
Ad Hoc
This is the most basic form of support and as we have no contract in place to do general checks and maintenance of the equipment, We cannot give any advanced warnings of potential problems. This kind of support is based upon Reaction rather than prevention. If you have no server have less than 5 staff and your business does not rely heavily on IT this is probably the best option for you. For more information on how a server could benefit your business. click here
Monitoring SystemBasic Monitoring Plan
This is our minimum recommended option for companies with their own server. We install our own monitoring agent onto your server, alerts are set up for the following essential services.
  • Basic System Check (is the system currently on and connected to the network)
  • Are you connected to the Internet
  • Email server check inbound and outbound
  • Server Hard drive health check and remaining disk space.
  • Server Update status
  • Backup checks - have the backups completed OK
  • Anti Virus checks
The above checks will run every 15 minutes, if any of the above fail we get an alert on our system and will investigate immediately. If further remedial action is required, we will contact you for approval. Any remedial or administrative work is charged at an hourly rate.
This plan is also available as an enhanced monitoring plan where all remedial work on the server will be included in this price if it can be carried out in normal working hours (08:30am - 5:30pm). This does not include administrative changes and set up time.
Full Maintenance Plan
We can provide full IT support and administrative service for a fixed monthly fee. Our comprehensive maintenance package includes the system monitoring as standard.
This is subject to a full audit of existing equipment and the adoption of the recommendations that follow.
If you require any information on the services we offer, please call 0845 180 1252 or use our quick enquiry form here

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