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Content Management SystemMany web sites are created in Static HTML. These sites usually cannot be maintained by the client unless they have some web design knowledge and the appropriate software. We give all our clients the option to have a static site but also offer the alternative of a dynamic site to empower them to look after the site themselves. This has many advantages, one of which is that the content is more likely to be updated when no additional costs are incurred in doing so.
Using many years of experience and user feedback, we have built our own system to enable you to manage the content of your own web site. The system is supplied at no extra charge for anyone opting for a dynamic site. As we have built this ourselves it can be customized to fit any specific requirements you may have.
Many other companies also offer similar CMS systems however they are usually "off the shelf" and are limited to basic site structure and page editing. Most of our customers want to display specific data in a consistent format without the risk of messing up the look of the site by editing a complex layout themselves. We have solved this by building our system with a modular architecture so we can accommodate any data type and display format, by building custom modules to suit any requirement.
If you would like to know more on how we can help you to manage your existing web site or would like to discuss and web design projects, please call us on 0845 180 1252 or use our quick enquiry form here

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