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Reasons why your business needs a Server!

1. You can create order from chaos. By centralizing data on a server, you can better manage business-critical information. Sharing files and other data across PCs becomes much easier, as does migrating data from one PC to another.
2. You can protect your data by making backups easier with features of Windows Small Business Server, for example, enable users to better protect their data assets by simplifying backups and the restoration of critical data.
Computer Network3. You can collaborate better as a business. Not only is data sharing easier with a server-based network, but Windows Small Business Server comes with Windows SharePoint Services, which is software that enables your employees and other team members to collaborate via the Web. With SharePoint, you get a company intranet. with a user-friendly interface to organize and share information. It comes pre-populated with help documents and resources. A server also is a must if you want to run line-of-business applications, such as Sage and other multi user applications , on multiple PCs.

4. You can accommodate a mobile work force. Servers enable authorized out-of-office workers to have remote access to your network, enabling data sharing among those who travel, telecommute or work in off-site locations. Through Remote Web Workplace, users of Windows Small Business Server can get access to server data via the Internet. Out-of-office workers also can connect to the company intranet via SharePoint.
5. You can share high-speed broadband access across the entire company, forget only having the internet on one computer to check vital business email.
6. You can set up new computers, add users and deploy new applications more quickly and easily. Expect to grow? By managing your data from a central location, you can better coordinate the addition of new PCs, software licenses and software applications. You can also better manage firewalls and monitor threats to your data, and more easily deploy virus protection and intrusion detection.

7. You can get more processing power. A server can supercharge your network, storing large chunks of data, freeing up memory and enabling individual PCs to perform better. Small businesses today need that additional processing power to run Web services, manage Web sites, do e-mail newsletters, and use more sophisticated tools and applications.

8. You can look more professional and connect better with your customers. Server software such as Windows Small Business Server enables you to consolidate your e-mail accounts (AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) into a single, hosted e-mail account, enhancing your image to customers and partners. Having a server can make a lot of businesses look bigger than they are and it makes you look more professional to those you want to do business with.

How you know itís time to buy a server?

  • You need to centralize and organize your data (you canít always find what you need when you need it).
  • You need to share hardware such as printers and fax machines for two or more PCs (peer-to-peer networks mean lots of cords and wires to trip over).
  • You need to simplify backups to keep your data more secure.
  • You have employees who travel, frequently telecommute, or work off-site, and want to connect to a network.
  • You could benefit from an intranet (your employees who travel and telecommute donít always remember to tell you).
  • You have high storage needs (and your loaded-down PCs wince and groan when you add more data).
  • Youíd like to run accounting software or other line-of-business applications on more than one PC.
  • Your companyís growing and plans to add new computers and employees.
  • You mean business: You want to look professional (and bigger than you are).
  • Your PCs are old and you want to get rid of them. A server makes migration easier.

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